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OSM: Output Switching Module


Static Output

Input ports (connected to 6600)

  • Ps1 (Primary Static)
  • Ps2 (Secondary Static)
  • Pt (Pitot)

Output ports (connected to aircraft adapters)

Aircraft adapters are included and are pre-connected to the outputs shown below.

4-adapter configuration (AOA only):

  1. Adapter "a": Pitot-a, Static-a, Alpha1-a, Alpha2-a
  2. Adapter "b": Pitot-b, Static-b, Alpha1-b, Alpha2-b
  3. Adapter "c": Pitot-c, Static-c, Alpha1-c, Alpha2-c
  4. Adapter "d": Pitot-d, Static-d, Alpha1-d, Alpha2-d

3-adapter configuration (AOA & AOS):

  1. Adapter "a": Pitot-a, Static-a, Alpha1-a, Alpha2-a
  2. Beta1-a, Beta2-a
  3. Adapter "b": Pitot-b, Static-b, Alpha1-b, Alpha2-b
  4. Adapter "c": Pitot-c, Static-c, Alpha1-c, Alpha2-c

Other adapter configurations can be provided

Interface to 6600

  • RS232 Serial

Power requirements

  • 90-260 VAC, 47-440 Hz, 250 VA

Dimensions & weight

  • 31" x 20" x 15" / 70 lbs


  • The unit is equipped with wheels and a pull-out handle, which makes it reasonably portable

Environmental specs

  • Operating temp. -40?C to 50?C
  • Storage temp. -40?C to 75?C
  • Humidity: 5 to 100%

Ease of setup
Hoses are already connected to each adapter and are bundled onto a reel. Each adapter and hose-bundle has its own reel. Un-rolling each reel and sliding the adapter over the aircraft probe completes the setup.
Hoses stay neatly in their bundle and there is absolutely no mess of tangled hoses.

Lower chance of leaks
Since the hoses are already connected to the adapters, no hose connections need to be made. This greatly reduces the chance of leaks between the hoses and adapters.

Less wear-and-tear on hoses
The hoses are neatly bundled within a spiral sleeve which is wound onto a reel. The protection provided by the spiral sleeve reduces the wear-and-tear on the hoses.

Automated leak-checks
When the OSM is used with special software in the 6600, each individual connection to the aircraft is automatically leak-checked and the results are displayed on the Remote unit of the 6600. The results are also saved and easily retrieved.
Automated leak-checks are performed on each group of ports (i.e. Pitot, Static, Alpha1, Alpha2) as well as each individual port within that group.

Isolated leak-checks
Each individual port can be isolated for "continuous" leak-check cycling, where the loss in pressure (or vacuum) due to the leak is automatically restored (recharged) before restarting the leak-check. If there are leaks on other ports, these are also automatically recharged. This allows the user to stay focused on finding the leak on a single port without having to worry about leaks on other ports.

The OSM is highly recommended for use with the 6600 and 6600-M4H when there are 12 to 16 hose-connections to the aircraft adapters.


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